Analytics and Consulting

Google analytics allow us to monitor effectiveness of advertising campaign and website traffic. We can provide comprehensive analysis of website traffic, its source and access conversions into sales.

Drive Business Performance

Working as per different Geographical locations so we can comprehend where your visitors are coming from.

Further understand the users, meet and exceed users needs

Encourage desire actions and decrease acquisition costs

keywords individually.

we are able to offer comprehensive analytics in the area of strategy, implementation and optimization.


Orxy web technology’s five crucial Google Analytic process makes sure that your website gets enough efficiency for your business growth


Web Analytics

Our team utilize Google analytics tools to develop suitable project scope, and strategically create a plan to identify target metrics. With many tools we provide recommendations and actual standing of your website. We also provide analysis on different mediums and how many visitors they are providing. Our Google Analytics Implementation includes Google tag manager for streamline the tracking process.

Attribute Modeling

We tailor the attribute model to identify KPIs. We dissect each and every approach that you perform and measure its effectiveness. In doing so, we also suggest their modifications to increase the efficiency.

Audience insight comprehension

We draw heat map to capture the way users interacting to your website. We also avail Facebook Audience Pixels for more granule comprehension of users’ experience on your website. And fortunately, Google Consumer Survey provides enough idea to conduct market research, so that we can discover more about users’ preference.

Analysis and Reporting

Clear documentation of all the approaches and struggles, so that you too comprehend our approach for your better web presence.

Monthly performance report

At Oryx Web Technology, we collaborate with Google tools and services to comprehend your web status and together we come up with an effective blueprint to improve and expand your brand.

Build KPIs
Connection DATA
Test Alternatives
Create Reports
Traffic Volume
Data Transform

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