Pay - Per
Click Management

Add more significant traffic to your website availing paid search engine advertising, Precise target to your audience, consequently boost your sales lead , Pay only for your relevant traffic as you can filter it by geography, days of week and keywords etc.

Drive Business Performance

A well-planned initial audit that contains an effective competitive review and deep keywords research is done to build a project blueprint that has apparent strategy for success.

Internal linking and on-page optimization is structured for better ranking.

Landing page is created and optimized concerning each

keywords individually.

Monthly link building and content outreach is prepared for positive ranking growth.

Ethical PPC Process

Orxy web technology’s five crucial PPC process makes sure that your website gets enough efficiency for your business growth


Learn of particular client business and its motives, and then handpick all the strategies and services that work effectively. Comprehend the market fray and provide clear documentation of plans and strategies.


Monitor and modify the campaign based on the performance of keywords, ad copy and landing page

Strategies and Tactics

Customize the effective PPC strategy and project plan that obviously outline the business objectives

landing page creation

Execute the relevant landing page creation from paid search strategy through technical skills or collaboration with the client

Analysis and Reporting

Regular reporting on the goals achieved and current status of the campaign and modify the plan if needed

Monthly performance report

Quarterly Review-

Comprehensive overview of all the stages and its effectiveness, and adjust the plan accordingly

Vital factors for a successful PPC Campaign

  • Selection of precise keywords – it is vital the keywords you target and paying for should be capable to bring the potential customer to your page. We do deep research to come up with certain keywords
  • Monitor your search experience – even if your ad is before your right audience, you need to make the advertisement sufficient informative, creative and eye-catching. And then it is also crucial that your landing page must reconcile with your advertisement
  • Understand your financial limit – make sure that you are getting enough for the amount you are paying. Positively, you can keep PPC under your budget; we can put your advertisement in your budget.
  • Avail Metric to Stay ahead of the curve – the best thing about the PPC is that you can immediately monitor your result. PPC is the most effective method to get significant amount of traffic in limited time.

We at Oryx technology, enlist all the proven and ethical technique to improve your web traffic and sales leads.

Competitor Analysis
Website Audit
Caimapign Strategy
PPC Reporting
Campaign Assessment
AD Creation
A/C Setup

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